Chapter 10 – Creativity and social networking platform for MW

The systemic approach to the field of Mental Health is not limited to the structured description and correlation with the factors that interact. Statistics or network architectures, topicality or entity relationships, social or economic layers, and any other factors could not give a complete picture if they did not include the purely internal dimension that only through individuality can we approach. The relationship of the term “Mental Health” with the multiple intakes of the concept of “soul”, the large yet uncharted part of the human brain or the always indeterminate space-time of the collective unconscious, to name just a few of the great scientific uncertainties that characterize Mental Health, reveal an area of the system that, although we are not able to describe definitively, we know exists.


Consequently, the need to integrate a tool of expression, description, and interpretation of this area that is none other than creativity, which at its primary and main level is an individual process with privileged fields of expression Aesthetics and Art, is highlighted.


There are no guaranteed ways to claim to be able to create a template aesthetic that is appropriate and relevant to the project. Something similar could only result from the feedback process (a process in which part of the instantaneous output of a system is redirected and fed back into the system as a new input. The latter is used internally for the system to self-regulate its behavior or structure with based on its immediately preceding exit and some innate rules).


To make it somewhat understandable let us imagine the AMBLIGHT function of a Smart TV. The backlight / side emitted to facilitate watching is dynamically adjusted to the color range of the displayed content, so that the lighting changes during watching. The adoption of this function in the network, more precisely the construction of a relevant algorithm, could lead to modifications of the texture and color or other elements of the templates. An additional change processing background could provide additional data on the trends of network users as a multifactorial system (collective intelligence, swarm intelligence).


Accepting fluidity means matching the principle of indeterminacy (physical engineering) to the function of the imagination (psychology). These terms are not mentioned for reasons of scientific inquiry or impression, others in charge will deal with them. It is only done to justify the need to leave a 20% free from the beginning, whether this is storage space, or a way of designing the network architecture or whatever. This percentage will be covered on the way by what we cannot imagine or organize today. And to go a little further, it is a statement of acceptance of the indefinite percentage of the soul in the term Mental Health. Let us entrust Art to express and implement this specific aspect with its special presence in this project. Because in no case can we expect or demand such a thing from websites of public authorities, statistics and others necessary in the initiative.