Frequently asked questions

To whom MW belongs?

To no one but the initiators’ informal group.

As soon as MW will take a legal form, it will move in owning any intellectual property rights.

Whos is promoting MW?

A small team interested in, not enoughof courseto carry out something this big. You can come in contact and join at Not any financial or legal commitment occurs beyond any operational support at willduring this primal promotionprocess.

Is MW Something fixed?

Apart from the fundamental principles for a “Global –Thematic -Nonprofit –Independent -Technologically advanced -Social Networking Platform”, everything is open. Furthermore, “thinking out of the box” seems to be the safe and productive path to follow.

What global means for MW?

Origins are not limiting.By its nature as a Social Networking Platform for a field of a universal concern, MW leaves no one behind. As a free access widely platform everybody will be able to connect regardless language, country, gender, religion or other personal status characteristics. Astep-by-step development plan will be followed regarding the geographical scope.

Why a non-profit Social Networking Platform while all big social networks are private for-profit companies?

Inclusion, independence and transparency hardly match the pursuit of profit. In addition the systemic approach signifies an intervention participatory aspect.So, the non-profit character is the core protection measure against future dilemmas or potential biases.

Are any next steps going to follow?

Like all initiatives, MW needs resources and structure.Both will depend on who will take over.It could be a small dedicated team, an educational / research institution, a foundation, a consortium of relevant stakeholders. So, at this very moment, the first step is to explore any form of a Social Impact initial capital (institutional, CSR or crowd resources) in order to present the platform prototype and conduct a development plan (future structure). Available opportunities are already identified, and much more are coming.

Is MW a sustainable endeavor?

We do believe so,but we must to insure it. It fully depends on the potential that MW would be able to develop and mobilize.

Why now?

We could answer that 800.000 persons committing suicide in annual basis is a too high number to ignore. Or, that due to COVID 19 consequences the situation becomes more than dangerous. All these are facts, but the true reason is that now there is the critical mass (in terms of knowledge, technology, experience, massification) to achieve such an experimentation.

Is MENTALWORLD one more entity promoting its specific visionfor MH?

MW intends to operate as a multiplier to the hard efforts of so many international or EU networks, so many MH services’ providers organisations, so many professionals, so many MH services’ users etc. By principal,the systemic thinking leads to a fully open process based on interactions within members.

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