Creation of a Social Networking Platform for a systemic approach to Mental Health:

Better MH for a better society (and vice versa)

MENTALWORLD is not a technological innovation or a new sectoral policy proposal while retaining strong elements in both aspects.
It is much more like a social experimentation (*) with the peculiarity that the organizer, the experimental subject and the field are merged.
The organizer of experimentation acquires power and prestige only if it expresses a collective dynamic.
The citizen/s and any kind of individual identity or collective entities are the direct and sole subjects of the experiment as they are the ones who provide and process the information, implement and exercise control. At the same time, however, the subjects are able to modify the data during the course of the experiment according to the ongoing results, that is the field is not considered as a static one but as a changing reality which can be effectively perceived only in a dynamic way.
If we need historical, political or scientific support for the experimentation these would be:

  • The beginnings of capitalism in the sense of the shareholder
  • The interaction between observer and phenomenon of the Theory of Special Relativity or the hybrid character of the wave-particle dualism of Quantum Theory
  • The Systems theory (Bertananffy, Wiener)
  • The political conception of historical evolution or personal development either according to German socialist of 19th century Kautsky “there is no ultimate goal, the movement is everything” or according to Greek poet Kavafi’s “Ithaca” poem.
  • The 11th Thesis on Feuerbach, Karl Marx: “Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it”.
  • And, finally, speaking for 2021: Public sphere, Commons & P2P

“Systemic approach”: A specific application of “information entropy” to the probabilities of particular microstates of a system occurring in order to produce a particular macrostate.


Such a systemic approach provides at first changes in the way of thinking in order to result changes in the way of living. The creation and operation of a social networking platform is the only available means or probably the best choice (at the time being) of carrying out the mentioned social experimentation aiming at a “better Mental Health for a better society (and vice versa)”.
The downloadable PDF file “MENTALWORLD” includes the overall presentation while individual files per chapter are also available for an easier study.

The temporary hosting of “MENTALWORLD” on this ste aspires to open a discussion aimed at enriching and organizing the initiative.

(*)”Organisational experiments and the change of meaning”

John K. Christiansen, Marta Gasparin, 2017

“Research on organizations and knowledge management have showed that organizational structure influences innovation processes and the sharing of knowledge. (Conway and Steward, 2009) Most organizations are operating with quite stable forms based on functional departmental structures, although evidence points to the need of having more flexible and networked organizations (Birkinshaw, 2012).

(….) Both formal and informal elements are important in organizations (Simon, 1976). Social networks, organizational structures, and design of physical spaces play an important role for knowledge creation and transfer, which consequentially influences innovation (Henry and Pinch, 2000).

(…) The objective here is to discuss: how can managers use experiments to radically change the structure of the organization to facilitate the emergence of radical innovations?”