EU Guidelines for the Sport /PE / PA for MH – InALMH project, Prof. I. Theodorakis, UTH (to be published)

Research on the relation of MH to Sport / PA education – ASAL project, Prof. C. Karteroliotis, NKUA


MOVE Congress - Budapest 2019
"The million dollar question"

ALMH Interactive presentation


12 Policy papers – MENS project – Prof. C. Karteroliotis, NKUA

Research across 12 EU countries on the connection of Sport & PA with the field of MH

EVENTS project Conference
October 2018 "Opening speach"

"MENS Project and beyong"
MENS project Conference June 2018


European Guide of Antibullying Good Practices – EAN project - Prof. V. Artinopoulou, Panteion University

Recommendations aiming at the development of a common European strategy against bullying based on the mapping of national legislation and various studies and surveys on the phenomenon at national and European level.
EAN project - Prof. V. Artinopoulou